The first step in correction, the Puris A:1-9 line are designed to quickly level the paint surface demoting major imperfections down to minor imperfections. Our engineers have developed our compounds to be versatile and are available in paste or liquid form to meet all kinds of resurfacing needs. The Puris A:1-9 are available in various aggressiveness so you can find the perfect cut for starting any level of major correction.


Refining your compounded surface and graduate your minor imperfections to perfect has never been easier with Puris A:10-19. These liquids have been engineered to be the next step in correction after using our compounds to produce higher gloss and an even finer surface.


The perfectionist’s step: our glazes are designed to bridge that narrow gap between polishing and protection. Get absolute refinement for that perfect surface when you’re on the road to achieving the coveted showroom brilliance.

Waxes & Paint Sealants

Our in-house labs have engineered protection that shields and shines. Our range varies from organic to synthetic with states that cover all your needs including liquids, paste waxes, and even liquid paste wax. Regardless if your need of shine or protection, the A30s range has got you covered.

JADE™ Family

The pinnacle of protection is here! Our R&D department have achieved the absolute latest in silica (SiO2) technology. Puris’ synergistic line is the apex of paint protection. The JADE™ Family leads the industry by offering a symbiotic line of bleeding edge ceramics. The JADE™ Family offers solutions that work cohesively making maintenance a breeze. Start with a ceramic coating like QUARTZ or ICE and keep that protection like new with minimal effort. Check out our JADE™ Family page to find out more about the most innovative tech in Hydrophobic Self-cleaning protection.

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